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Nordic / Cross Country Skiing Training Programs

General Preparation Program STARTS NOW!

Get Ready for the Winter Season 2019

This training plan is for you who has a busy life, with 5-8 hrs/week for training in the months of August, September and October (90 days) before moving on to Specific Preparation. 
You need to be able to run for 45-60 mins continuously to start this plan and be prepared to train about 4-8 hrs per week.

You are also familiar with some strength training and Nordic pole walking. 
Depending on your current location and weather, there is room for cross-training in the plan and is marked as "optional mode". If the snow conditions don't allow skiing, change those days either Nordic pole walking or roller skiing if possible. 

This program focus on strengthening muscles used in Nordic Skiing, building up your aerobic base and adding some effective interval training elements for time-crunched weekend warriors! 

Get ready for the season feeling strong and prepared! 



More Programs on the way!