Cross Country Skiing Summer Base Training Program

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Are you at a loss of what to do during summer for your skiing? Do you struggle to get consistent training done in the summer months or just don't know what to do?  If you are looking for a training program you can use this summer to build up your fitness but still maintain a varied and fun aspect of your training, this is it! 

This program is for skiers who have 4-8 hrs per week available, mostly during the weekend to build general fitness during the summer. This program is 4 weeks long, and you can re-use this program from May to August (4 months) before the fall cools off for the weather in the northern hemisphere.

Every week you will follow a pattern: Monday off, then three days of training, Friday off, then two longer aerobic workouts Saturday and Sunday. You will increase the training load progressively for 3 weeks, then recovery for week 4. If you feel like you need a recovery week after two weeks, feel free to do that, then start from week 2 again followed by week 3 and recovery week again after that. You can add more load by adding weekly volume, never more than 5-10%, or intensity by adding interval sets/shorten recovery time. Remember this is for base training and the emphasis is on building a solid aerobic base. Please add strides (short 80-100m buildups of running/spinning on a bike, up to 90% of your top speed to prevent that you lose top speed during this base building phase). 

If you do roller skiing, you can always opt to do that instead of biking. If you do not MTB or road bike, you can do running or nordic walking. This is a flexible plan, so stay flexible and adjust to what you have available. Once you are closing in August, you could start opting to do exercises that are more alike cross-country skiing, like roller skiing or nordic walking. 

The strength training program is a bodyweight workout and requires no equipment. You can easily make it more intensive by reducing rest breaks, and alter each exercise (I will tell you how on the workout sheet). There are videos linked to each exercise in case you don't know how to perform them. Make sure you understand the workout before you do it the first time. 

This plan is available for a low price AND you can use it again and again. I've even included instructions on how to make it more difficult as you get fitter.

Ready? Let's get started today! 

As always, you can always ask me if any questions by email: 

Good luck, Marjaana

This is what you get: 

  • A Structured training plan on Trainingpeaks to build your aerobic base (valued 99USD)

  • FREE Bodyweight strength training program with advice on how to progress or regress (valued 99USD)

  • Varied exercise modes to keep training fun

  • Training intensity testing so you are training with the correct intensity

  • Advice on how to add load safely

  • Email access to coach MJ (Marjaana)

  • If you do not already have Trainingpeaks access and/or would like to have access to this program on .pdf, please email me.

You get all this for 49USD




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