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Nordic Skiing General Preparation (Aug-Oct) 90days

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This training plan is for you who has a busy life, with 5-8 hrs/week for training in the months of August, September and October (90 days) before moving on to Specific Preparation. 
You need to be able to run for 60 mins to start this plan and be prepared to train about 4-8 hrs per week. You are familiar with some strength training and Nordic pole walking. 
Depending on your current location and weather, there is room for cross-training in the plan and is marked as "optional mode". If the snow conditions don't allow skiing, change those days either Nordic pole walking or roller skiing if possible. 
This is a 90-day program with a focus on strengthening muscles used in Nordic Skiing, building up your aerobic base and adding some effective interval training elements for time-crunched weekend warriors! 
Get ready for the season feeling strong and prepared! 
If you are seasoned roller skier, you may substitute some of the running with roller ski. If you are not currently roller skiing, you may substitute roller skiing to a optional mode.

This training plan also teaches you to do proper warm-up sequence for each of your runs, allowing your body to prepare for the main part of the training, running. 

This training plan also teaches you to gauge the training intensity by Rate of Perceived Effort (scale 1-10). Why? You may not have a GPS watch or Heart Rate data and even if you do, it is beneficial to be able to run by feel in such cases as Watch malfunction, it's too dark to see the watch, you doubt your ability if your day-to-day Heart Rate happens to be a bit higher in a race, etc. All because I want you to do learn to listen to your body and work with it! You're welcome!
To help you gauge your intensity levels, please refer to this table: 
Intensity distribution: 

Rating    Descriptor    Zones    %of Hrmax    RPE max 10:    
0             Rest                    1    60-72                             0 at rest    
1             Very, Very Easy    1                                        1 very easy    
2             Easy                    1                                        2 somewhat easy    
3             Moderate             2    72-82                            3 moderate    
4             Somewhat Hard     2                                        4 somewhat hard    
5             Hard                     3    82-87                            5 hard    
6                                         3                                        6    
7             Very Hard             4    87-92                            7 very hard    
8                                         4                                         8    
9                                          5    92-97                             9    
10              Maximal              5                                         10 very, very hard    

This intensity distribution will come with the plan in pdf format, I suggest you print it out for quick reference. 

Ok, ready to start? Let's do this! 

If you have any questions/comments about the plan, please feel free to contact me directly at besisufit@gmail.com 

If you need help to determine your intensity zones using pace or HR, please contact me
Coachj MJ

If you need help establishing your HRmax and intensity zones, please contact me besisufit@gmail.

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