Adios 2019 - Welcome New Decade!

As we head into a Brand New Decade, we should take time to reflect on the past. The following post will share my reflection of the past year of 2019, and give you a powerful insight on how to make the most of your reflection so you will be ready to rock the new decade!

I wish I was this smart and reflected to come up with this powerful reflection on my own, but it is something I have learned from Tony Robbins. Are you ready to turn a new leaf and head into the new year and decade (!) with powerful purpose? Here's what to do:

Think about and write down 3 things on each of the following points:

1. The Magical Moments

2. Great Achievements

3. Challenges

And lastly, what worked and why?

I am going to share mine here (also on Instagram)

Reflecting on 2019

First, My Magical Moments:

1. Crossing the Magical Finish Line at Ironman Norway after a day with brutal conditions. I have written about this many times the past year, you can read my race report here.

2. Seeing my son Owen overcome his fear of competing in 300m track meet. His own words "I retrained my brain and just decided to go for it!" after being terrified for over an half an hour and declining to come out of the car. After that moment, there was no stopping him and he cruised to a strong second place from a pool of hundreds of 9 year olds in Dubai! The strength of this change in his own mind was so powerful he inspired me to push on through my own limitations during some really hard sessions.

3. Having Inspired my husband to run a marathon. His first ever. Ooh lala! His commitment has been amazing after he announced at our 10 year anniversary that he wanted to support me to achieve 3:30 at Dubai Marathon 2020. However, I have since had to pull the plug on that race due to heel injury, but he has kept on training and is now on route to finish a lot faster than 3:30!

Ironman Norway 3rd place 40-44 female category. My very first full distance Ironman.

Great Achievements:

1. Besides Ironman, I am so proud of my other achievements: Getting my first coaching client (besides family members and friends) and after the initial client, my coaching roster has increased to max capacity of 5. Momentum people, momentum!

2. I have finally started typing up my book Tired Mom Runs! It has lived in my head for years and it is time I stepped up that game and structured it in a way that will hopefully help thousands, if not millions of mothers across the world!

3. Becoming healthier and fitter me. This point ties into everything in my life. I am prioritizing myself and my health in everything I do. It is all about putting my oxygen mask on first, then helping others, and there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about!

2019 medals

Challenges that I faced in 2019.

1. Again, besides Ironman (a huge challenge), I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma and likely tied into this: immune deficiency as I lack IG-A in my blood. This was quite the blow to find out and I struggled to wrap my head around it, but as always I try to look at it as a learning opportunity instead of something that will stop or hinder me to in my quest to reach my goals.

2. I still miss WINTER! The snow, the cold, the shoveling, the snowball fighting, the everything! The darkness and shivering! But not to worry. I can go cross country ski up the hill in Ski Dubai anytime I want, so at least there is an opportunity to get some skiing in.

3. The last few years, I have been very mindful of my time. Especially my use of social media. It has been harder to keep up with socializing with friends and family, but I have deliberately prioritized educating myself, and working on my business so that I can help others, while being present with my amazing family.

What worked for me and why?

I finally found self-belief. I can only become the greatest me if I believe in my talents, wisdom and hard work. If I am not being my biggest cheerleader, I will always find excuses to put off my book project, scaling my business or anything else that really moves my needle.

I had a BIG year in 2019.

I had big hairy ambitious goals of running a personal best marathon in January and qualifying for Ironman World Championships in Kona by winning Ironman Norway in June. I did achieve my PR on marathon and barely missed Boston Qualifying time, but I did not win Ironman Norway, and hence did not qualify. That does not take away anything from my great achievement as the truth is, two girls were just better than me on that day.

But I did achieve a lot of other things, for example:

1. Improved my stand-alone Marathon PR from 4:18 (my first ever and without training) to to my second marathon in January 2019) to 3:46 in 6 months.

2. Knocked off 7 minutes from my half marathon from 1:56 to 1:49 (March 2019) and I know I can do even better.

3. Challenged myself in new ways, for example raced in cycle-only race for the first time with some amazing ladies riding up Jebel Jais mountain here in UAE. Also swam in open water swim meets to hone my open water swimming skills.

4. Placed on the podium on several of the other races I took part in.

5. Placed 8th on 70.3 Calgary slightly under an hour behind the winner who also happens to be a world champion on a less great day for me. This makes me feel confident that I can reach my goals to reach world top. (yes my confidence levels are highly dependent on results-it is a work-in-process)

6. Of course, none of these amazing accomplishments would not have happened unless I had a great team behind me. First of all, my family who believed in me more than I ever believed in me. (Until I proved myself wrong). And second, my coach Tenille at Element Sports Coaching, who saw something in me that i didn't yet see, but grew to believe I had it in me as our relationship went on. She asked me just the right questions to let me brew on them during my long rides, runs and swims and to dig deep within me to find the answers.

Yes, physically 2019 I trained more than ever before and my fitness shows, but what was most essential was the mental training that I and coach did everyday was the most profound compound of achieving the greatness. And of course, my awesome physiotherapist, Orla White at R U Active Physiotherapy here in Dubai. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Ok, so now you have your reflection done, how to make this work for you in 2020? Follow this link to Tony Robbins and you will find out how to get what you want in 2020!

For me, 2020 is going to be another big year as I work on earning my qualification for Kona and working hard on my comeback after a long heel injury. I am also writing my book Tired Mom Runs, and my goal is to get it published the first half year of 2020. I am also scaling my coaching business to better serve a wider audience! BIG year coming my way.

2020 Goals:

1. Qualify for Kona at Ironman Finland. I want to do this because I want to be a positive role model to my family and other mothers. I want to show that anything is truly possible when you get mighty clear on what you want, ask for help of experts (my coach and other support people), and work smart and hard.

2. Finish my book because I want to help other mothers who come from a place of lack. Lack of time, self-belief, lack of sleep, lack of support, and turn the lack into abundance and achievements. I have already gotten the expertise help to structure the book-now i need to sit down and do the hard work.

3. I want to scale my coaching business to help more people achieve their fitness goals. I have already gotten the help to structure, now i need to put in the work of writing and marketing and building the online systems to reach more people.

4. Use mental training everyday to keep connected to the greater purpose, especially when shit hits the fan, which it periodically will!

Remember, the key to success is having strong belief in yourself and forget the naysayers! You've Got This!

Yours in Fitness,



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