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Grab your Seat at Be Sisu Woman- MasterMind Group-  Only 5 Seats Available

Finally-A Female Specific MasterMind Group For Those Ready to Train, Fuel and Recover Like a Woman! 
Did you know that your peak bone and muscle mass was at its' highest in your early 30s? Did you know most of the Exercise Science research we know is conducted with college-aged men? You already knew this: Women and Men are DIFFERENT! So Why Train, Fuel and Recover Like a Man? 
It Is Time To Take Your Female Physiology to Another Level! In this Mastermind Group, you will Tear Down Barriers Constantly Holding You Back From Achieving Your Best! 

Here's Just a Fraction of What You Get When You Join Our Mastermind Group:

  • Remote Online Workshop lead by Marjaana Rakai, MSc Sports Science, NASM PT, Professional Diploma in Sports Nutrition

  • Current research from world-leading female athlete and exercise science researcher Dr. Stacy Sims

  • Resources from years of coaching practice and athletic performance from coach Marjaana

  • Uncover the mental blocks that are sabotaging your own fitness performance

  • Proven Tools to Goal Setting, Habit Building, Busting Myths of Training, Lifting Your Self-confidence, Becoming a BadAss Woman You were Born to Be!

  • Facebook group of like minded women


  • You will learn how to train with your female physiology in mind! No more copied training programs from men! 

  • You will learn to fuel and hydrate a female-specific way so that YOU will show up energized to your training and RECOVER from workouts so that you can still have the energy for your loved ones and work and everything else you need to get done in your busy life!

  • You will nix self-sabotage, self-doubt and gain the confidence in your own abilities that you never thought you had!

  • You will mitigate physiological symptoms associated with getting older, such as reduce menstrual cramping, reduce hot flashes and sleep better. 

  • You will stop muscle loss and build the strong body you have always wanted

  • You gain a better understanding of how to train your gorgeous self and to fuel yourself so that you can reach the next level in your fitness!

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