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Week 1 starts off easy, with two walk/walk-runs and a total of 4 hrs of training. 
Week 2 picks up distance and speed. We are learning to do strides to teach our legs to turn over faster.
Week 3: You will see a lot of strength training this week. We are working on building a run specific strength so your body will withstand the increased training load and stay injury free. We also pick up the tempo but keep the training duration close to week 2. Work hard, week 4 will be a recovery week to help your body absorb the hard work you have done! 
Week 4: This is your recovery week, so keep the intensity down and focus on letting your body absorb the hard work you have already put in. We are not totally backing off hard efforts, as we have a tempo run in the plan mid-week, and a longer run, but the effort is not as hard as in the previous week.
Remember to book a massage for this week.  
Weeks 5&6: We are adding a run and reducing strength training. From now on, there will still be at least one strength session every week to hold on to the strength you have build up. Make sure you plan for rest of the day enjoying yourself with light activity and rest to start a solid recovery from your first 2-hour run. 
Week 7: We increase total duration. Make sure you start practicing your hydration and fueling strategies on your long runs! Start thinking about your race strategy: Are you incorporating walking during your race? How often will you drink? What type of sports drink do their offer? Do you have any trouble ingesting fuel? 
Week 8: Recovery!!! A good time to book another massage! We keep this weel pretty easy but add a bit of spice to it by adding a new key workout on your hard day: Yasso 800s! 
Week 9: Another key week. This week's long run is where you need to be ready to put in the effort! It is one of the longest runs you will do during the program. We keep working on our estimated marathon pacing with another Yasso workout. 
Week 10: Focus on recovery. Keep the intensity super low! Go easy to recover from the long run. Key workouts are again during the weekend, so keep the intensity low during the week to be able to do a good effort on the weekend! 
Week 11: KEY WEEK! Arrive in this week with a mental note: I am awesome, I can do this! Let's GO! This week is only 3 weeks away from your marathon. Be ready to rock! Key workouts Tuesday's Yasso 800s x 8! By now you will have a clearer idea if your estimated pace strategy is correct or if you need to adjust! Weekends two runs will be especially crucial to get you ready for the start line, so do your best to put a serious effort. 
Week 12: Recovery week with your last and longest run. This is your last chance to practice fuel! 
Week 13: Your taper starts by keeping runs short but tempo up. Last good effort on the weekend. Enjoy the feeling of having put in the effort! 
Week 14: Race week! All workouts are focusing on a) keep you moving b) calm your nerves! You GOT this!