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Running Athletic Women

Services and Training Programs

Coaching one-on-one or in small groups, and a variety of training programs in running, XC skiing and triathlon for all ages, men and women. 

Strength & conditioning for general health and fitness or sports specific. Are your teens sitting in front of screens too much? Send them over!

Struggling to get back to your sport after an illness or injury? Contact me.

Can't find a coach who listens to you and your needs? Are you a busy professional and can't get out to bike for 90 mins or more during the week? Are you a mother who doesn't have 60 mins a day to work out? Please contact me for a FREE non-binding call where we discuss your situation and how I can either provide you with a training plan that fits your life or 1-on-1 coaching to get you started. 

NEW from July 2022 is our Tribe Membership, a monthly coaching service for you who want an individual training program but don't need all the individual attention that comes with the Signature 1-on-1 coaching. 
The most value-added program I offer. 

Contact me for more details or book your FREE discovery call here

Xo, Marjaana 

Lähetä minulle viesti, niin vastaan mielelläni mahdollisimman pian. Yritän parhaani mukaan vastata sinulle 48 tunnin sisällä, jos et saa minulta vastausta näiden tuntien sisällä, lähetä minulle viesti uudelleen, koska joskus viestit katoavat :(

Xo, Marjaana 

Kiitos lähetyksestä!

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