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About Be Sisu Fit & Marjaana

Be Sisu Fit Inc. was established in 2016 by Marjaana Rakai, MSc, who wanted to guide everyday athletes to reach their very best. 


"Be The Best You Can Be" has been Marjaana's motto ever since her teenage years when she trained to become a professional athlete in Cross-Country Skiing.


The idea behind this is to ditch comparison to others and to your previous standards.

As a former high-level, but "failed" athlete, comparing myself to me in my youth is straight-up stupid.


As an athlete in my 40s, with a life that is so much different with challenging aspirations, dreams and demands, comparing my present performance to that of my teens or 20s, would not be productive or fair.

Therefore, Be The Best You Can Be will hopefully guide also you to your best Today and Tomorrow.



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 I am your coach in endurance sports. I coach xc-skiers, runners, triathletes, and strength and conditioning clients of all ages around the world. 

I was born and raised in North Finland, where I used to ski during the long, dark winters and run track during the short mid-night sun summers. I left Finland in 1998, heartbroken, injured, having to quit racing in XCskiing and headed to the mecca of skiing, Norway. 


I've been a student of sports all my life, and being part of sports has literally saved my life when I experienced the biggest challenges in my life. 

I am a mom who runs, skis and tris. I don't identify myself as a runner, skier or triathlete because when life takes away one of my greatest sources of fulfilment, I can be lost. Success is never linear and injuries happen. I've learned my greatest lessons through the mess of injuries. 

Since 1998, I've been an expatriate, living in 6 different countries on 4 continents. I've been blessed with a loving husband and 3 wildly amazing children. I speak a few languages and strive to be a good person to others and to the environment.  

I value honesty, courage, health and openness. With me as your coach, you will get a good listener who geeks out about your training, and educates and motivates you to elevate your fitness so that you can achieve your wildest dreams! 


Muutos väsyneestä äidistä, joka ei juossut Ironman-palkintokorokkeelle... Opit kaikki, mitä tein – ja enemmän.

Koulutus ja todistukset

Koen olevani onnekas saadessani opiskella joidenkin maailmankuulujen liikuntafysiologien ja biomekaniikan johdolla sekä Albertan että Calgaryn yliopistossa kotiyliopistoni Norwegian Schoolin korkean opetuksen lisäksi. urheilutieteen alalta.  

Opinnäytetyöni "Kineettiset ominaisuudet kilpapujottelussa" pääsi palkintokorokkeelle American Society of Biomechanicsissa  Vuosikonferenssi vuonna 2009 .  

Olen innokas oppija ja rakastan tietoni jakamista.

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