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Tired Mom Runs

The idea to help mothers elevate their lives with the joy of movement was born in the wake of a very dark period of life that was tearing me apart. Although there were so many amazing things happening in my life, such as the three amazing human beings that myself and husband were lucky enough to introduce to this world, the fact that I had met my soul mate and co-pilot for life, or the crazy adventurous life that I was lucky enough to share with my dream man. 

I was struggling with post-partum depression, and suicidal thoughts, I was injured and felt out of touch with whom I thought I was.

And because I tend to go all-in with whatever I start, I went all in, head first in motherhood. Three babies in 3.5 years while moving internationally 5 times with hubby travelling extensively. I was at the end of my rope and had no idea where to pick up the pieces. 


All I knew was that something had to change. And that I wanted to try a triathlon. 

And from that Olympic distance triathlon in August 2015, the idea of Tired Mom Who Runs was born. 

Tired Mom Runs is a sub-service which specializes in a holistic approach to health and fitness for new (or old!) moms who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and out of breath walking up the stairs. 

If you are a tired mom who do not run, tri, ski, bike, strength train or swim (insert any form of exercise here), I want you to contact me asap. 

Although my own journey has taken me to some pretty awesome races and fitness levels (qualified to World Champs!) I started with 15 mins of running and I was toast. 

With my MSc in Sports Science and many courses ever since, with my own experience from completely unable to run 5K to having run 3 marathons, countless half marathons, 10K, 5K and countless of triathlons with Ironman as a cherry on top, I can guide you to whatever goal you have for yourself. 

And let me just reassure you, your goal don't have to be anything else than ...


So my dear, if you are a tired mom or know a tired mom, please check out my  and contact me to start elevating your fitness and health TODAY!

Xo, Marjaana 

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Empower, Educate and Equip Moms to transform their lives today!



A Tired Mom Athlete may have a kid, or 5, with a burning desire to push beyond her pre-conceived limits and achieve greatness. 

She is a determined, badass, big-hearted, passionate MOM athlete

Free from excuses, complaining & 
"I can'ts"

She takes one step at a time

What once felt unreachable, she now knows is possible. 

She is generous in supporting other moms and works smarter with what she has. 

Her fitness grows with her health and her family will benefit from it too. 

A Tired Mom Athlete knows 

she is a Powerful, Determined 

Force of Nature 

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