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Female Specific Training Plans

Aren't you tired of searching for training plans created to maximize your female physiology? Unfortunately, most exercise physiology research has been conducted with males, and then combed over to apply for women. Many coaches create brilliant plans for males but fall short in adjusting the plans for female athletes. In recent years we have seen a shift in bringing female physiology in the limelight by many leading exercise physiologists. 

My goal is to offer you training plans which you can use to learn how to train, adjust your training and nutrition and use your awesomeness (being a female) to crush your goals! You will learn how to properly warm-up for your runs, the importance of strength and mobility training. I will refer to resources you can find more information and use in your daily training. 

Once you have decided on the plan, please start the training on the first day of your periods. Although your cycle length may be different from your running/skiing sister's I will advise how you can figure out your cycle length and how to adjust my plans to work for your cycle length.


These training plans do not include individual coaching. You can find my individual online coaching plans here

Ready? Let's Do This!

Train Easy to Train Hard

Endurance training 

Your training plan will be delivered in the Trainingpeaks platform and will contain a description of each workout, training zones and you will be able to track your progress. What gets measure gets improved. I use sports sciences and true and tried methods when developing your training plan. T 

Know yourself

Track your period

Use FitrApp or Garmin Connect to track your periods. Learn what to expect during the 4 phases of your cycle. Your training plan is created so that you will train elements that are most favorable at a certain time of the cycle based on recent research. 

Get Your Pump On

Essential Strength Training

As we age, we lose muscle and bone mass. If this is not enough for you to want to start lifting, then how about injury prevention? 

Your plan includes strength training plans specific to your sport. Remember, if you don't use, you lose it. 

What Else Do You Need?


FitrWoman app: 

start tracking your periods and receive amazing info on how your body works during your cycle and what to feed to maximize your wellness. 


Track your morning Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability: HRV4Training app available on app stores.


Get a smartwatch that has GPS, so you can train with your running pace. Garmin, Apple, Polar, Suunto has many affordable watches. Opt for chest Heart Rate Strap, as the optical HR is not reliable.



you will need an account with trainingpeaks to access my training programs. 


Follow exercise physiologists who share the information on female exercise physiology. One of these amazing scientists is Dr. Stacy Sims:



Learn to listen to your body, set realistic goals, and how to adjust when life happens. All important elements of creating consistency in your training. Let's get to work!