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Professionally designed, based on solid science training programs destined to elevate your performance to the next level

Do you love cross country skiing and want to elevate your performance? Don't wait until fall to start your preparations for the next epic winter! 

We have designed summer and fall training programs as well as strength training plans for time-crunched weekend warriors like yourself. 

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May to August

Summer Base Training

If you are looking for a training program you can use this summer to build up your fitness, and have 4-8 hrs per week available, and maintain a varied and fun aspect of your training, this is it! 

The program can be delivered through Trainingpeaks platform or on .pdf

Only 49 USD

September to November

Fall Prep Training

This training program build upon summer base training and is suitable for you if you have 5-8 hrs available for training per week. Training will get more and more ski-specific as you move closer to the winter season.

The program can be delivered through Trainingpeaks platform or on .pdf

Only 149 USD

Get stronger, get faster 

XCS Summer Strength 

Are you happy with your summer training but need a bodyweight strength training program that you can do at home or outside? This one is for you! 

This 12-week program can be delivered through Trainerize platform (app) or on .pdf. You receive instructions on how to progress.

Only 49 USD (valued 99 USD)

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