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Lifestyle, health coaching for professional mothers. Are you ready to take charge of your own health and focus on your passion without feeling guilty and frustrated?

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Hey Lovely,


Have you ever thought... is this all life has for me? ... Or, "I never thought I would be this out of shape. I wish I had more time for myself".... You may even feel guilty taking time for yourself. Are you always putting someone else's needs ahead of your own? Sure you are busy with work, kids, friends (if lucky!), but with a few adjustments, 

How would you like to know the thing that will fit into the busy life that can allow you to get back to your ideal fitness, and feel AMAZING again?  I specialize in fitting exercise in busy moms' schedules

I would love to share the lessons I have learned from my own journey. I share with openness and humility so that you too can feel confident in your own body and mind because you re-discovered your true potential and shed "mom-guilt" and your self-limiting beliefs. 

Listen, five years ago I embarked on a journey, an incredible journey to self-discovery. I used to be an exhausted, depressed mother without a direction and purpose in my life, other than taking care of my family. I felt dead inside and wondered why to live on. Every day was a foggy, grey day. I had no passion, no spark in my eye. Then, something changed. 

I was fed up with feeling down. Sure, years of sleep deprivation after having 3 kids within 3.5 years played a huge role in this. I was just tired of feeling shitty, out of shape and insecure. I had also picked up a devastating, stupid, overuse injury by starting to run with double stroller, too much, too often, too soon. Bilateral plantar fasciitis, kept me from running, and in constant pain for almost 3 years. They all seem to come in trees, eih? 

I had made a promise to  myself years earlier that I wanted to cash in. I wanted to try a triathlon, and where we lived at the time, just happened to have one in august 2015. I hired a personal trainer, who so wisely whipped me ready for Olympic distance triathlon race. I won my age group, but more importantly, I had found a meaning to live again! I wasn’t fast, and that was never the point for me either. I just wanted to spend time on me, meaningful time with myself. And I loved the challenge of three sports, and five years later, I am now training to Qualify for World Championships. What started as a way to find myself again, feed my soul, has become my passion that lights me up when I think about it. 

I’ve written a blog about my personal journey in my blog, Tired Mom Runs.

How does this relate to you, you ask. Well, one thing is, as a coach, I feel like you should have walked the walk before you talk the talk. That’s all good, but how do you get started when you barely can run 10 mins, you ask. Guess what, you start by putting one foot ahead of the other. Just start. DO the 10 mins. Then add a little more. You cannot expect to be able to run 60 mins the first week. And this is where my experience comes in. I will take care of the correct progression, and regression that is needed to slowly allow your body to adapt to the training you do. 

Listen, you may think. Yeah but I don’t have time. I have a baby, two kids, job, husband, gotta make supper, clean the house. I just don’t see myself having time to get out and run. 

The answer is simple. Make time. It is all about priorities. Make YOU your priority number one. ASK for help. Tell you hubby nicely, that you need 15 mins outside to move your body and you will come back happier. When you move your body, your mind gets energized! Try it! 

Here’s what I did over few months. I used to get woken up by one of the kids. I slep in until someone came in my bed,, and that was usually before the crack of dawn. I was not blessed with kids who would sleep in. Nope. I craved some alone time with my big cup of coffee before people needing me would take over. So I started with setting the alarm about 10 mins earlier of anticipated little on showing up in bed, and made my coffee and did my foam rolling of my tight calves in peace. Some days it worked, some days it didn’t but everyday I tried. And every week I set the alarm a little bit earlier until I got about 45 mins of alone time. To this day, I make sure I am the one who gets up first in this household and I do my morning routine. SOmedays it means I get up at 5am to be alone. It is my lifeline. SOmedays depending on my training schedule, I need more sleep and I wake up later, but this is rarely. One, because I really want to be alone first thing in the morning, second, because typically after a hard training day, I fall asleep at 8pm and find that 8pm to 5am is enough sleep for me. 

Here's a quick tool you can use to get you started: Imagine your life one year from now if you start today. Make it vivid and emotional. See it in your mind, feel it in your heart... Now, imagine your life one year from now if you don't take any action. See it in your mind, feel it in your heart. Then, ask yourself, why do you want to follow your one-year positive option?  

Listen, I am playing this game at the highest level, and I want to share my knowledge and my learnings. I would love to be the HOW in your journey to whatever you just imagined, one year from now. 

​"Motivation gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."  Jim Rohn

​Imagine what you would feel like in one year, if you took action today? Does it excite you? Don’t wait. Hit the “LET’S DO THIS!” and take charge of your life! 

XO, Marjaana

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