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Hello, I'm Marjaana

I am your coach in endurance sports. I coach xc-skiers, runners, triathletes, strength and conditioning clients of all ages around the world. 

I was born and raised in North Finland, where I used to ski during the long, dark winters and run track during the short mid-night sun summers. I left Finland in 1998, heartbroken, injured, having to quit racing in XCskiing and headed to the mecca of skiing, Norway. 


I've been a student of sports all my life, and being part of sports has literally saved my life when I experienced the biggest challenges in my life. 

I am a mom who runs, skis and tris. I don't identify myself as a runner, skier or triathlete because when life takes away one of my greatest sources of fulfilment, I can be lost. Success is never linear and injuries happen. I've learned my greatest lessons through the mess of injuries. 

Since 1998, I've been an expatriate, living in 6 different countries on 4 continents. I've been blessed with a loving husband and 3 wildly amazing children. I speak a few languages and strive to be a good person to others and to the environment.  

I value honesty, courage, health and openness. With me as your coach, you will get a good listener who geeks out about your training, educates and motivates you to elevate your fitness so that you can achieve your wildest dreams! 

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The transformation from a tired mom who did not run to an Ironman podium...You'll learn all the lessons I did- and more.

Training for Your True Potential, Training For Life

As a professional coach with MSc in Sports Science from a world-leading university, I create individualized endurance and fitness coaching programs for everyday athletes, who have busy lives with work, family, and sports.


My greatest lessons have become from my own experiences from my life around the world, being an athlete and a mother without the “village” helping with my children.


If you are looking for coaching support to get you from where you are now to where you want to be or want to create a life where you are growing and blooming into the best version you can be, in sports and in life, you want to have someone like me on your corner. With me as your coach, you’ll get practical tips, and key strategies to help you get where you are now, to where you want to be. 

As a professional Running and Nordic Skiing Coach, I have worked with athletes of all ages, from youngsters to lifetime athletes in their 70s. Some of my athletes are recreational runners, time-starved executive mothers and fathers of multiple children, youth aspiring athletes, busy professionals with limited time, and skiers seeking to improve their ski marathon placements in their age groups.


I believe that the most important coaching tool I have is to listen and truly understand the individual athlete's life, challenges, and opportunities. 

Most of us compete not against world elites, but ourselves. I truly believe that instead of our physical abilities, it is the mental stamina, and strength that limits what we can do. You can read about my personal journey from an athlete forced to give up on a lifelong dream, to a world traveller, a tired mom of three. 


I was carrying a story with me that was standing in my way until I learned to strip the mental barriers I had harnessed for decades. Only then I was able to become the person and athlete I was always meant to be. Read my personal blog TiredMomRuns.

My name, Marjaana (Mariana), in Finnish means energetic, courageous, and fiercely determined. I have just now, at the age of 42 beginning to understand my superpowers, closely related to being brave. My life story is coloured with moments when I was brave enough to pursue a dream even when it scared me the most. This has nothing to do with jumping off an airplane (although it was done) but living my life to the fullest even when it would have been much easier and safer to stay where I was at the time.


In September 2018, I embarked on a journey to qualify for the Worl Championships in Ironman triathlon in Kona. Read my story about my first Ironman and how it changed me from an exhausted mom of three into a Warrior Ironman athlete. During my journey towards Kona, I've learned to push myself hard over the edge, which unfortunately lead me to overtraining syndrome, which I am at the moment recovering from.


A hard lesson about the importance of being honest to myself, and my coach, and listening to my body's signals. Recovering from the overtraining syndrome has been one of those things they cannot teach you at school.

My coaching philosophy is not from a textbook. How could it be? I do not live a textbook life, and I doubt you do either. I believe 90% of the coaching relationship is based on mutual communication, and the rest is a mix of art & science. When I design your program, I do follow guiding exercise physiology principles, and I believe that the art of coaching lies in the individualization of applying those principles to the individual's level, life situation, and experience.

When it comes to formal education, I never stop educating myself. I am always reading and learning.  I had the pleasure of studying under leading exercise physiologists and biomechanics during my studies in the Norwegian School of Sport Science and the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta and was awarded MSc in Sports Sciences. Since my graduation in 2009, I have gained NASM Personal Trainer certification, Triathlon Canada Community Trained certification, specialized in Sports Nutrition and gained Women's Coaching Certification by Girls Gone Strong. 

When it comes to training women vs. men, I believe that our unique hormones but more so, our unique life load, we do need to be a little more mindful about training. We as women and moms have life demands that men just don't have. Adding more stress can push us over our limits, leading to illness, burnout, overtraining or depression.


However, I don't believe you should follow a certain plan just because you are a woman. An individualized plan is always better than a generic plan, and that's where a good coach comes in handy. Seriously, you can do well on any random plan from the web. Really, you can get fitter with ANY PLAN.

But a random plan often doesn't fit YOUR LIFE.


Having a coach design a plan that lives with your life is key to being able to consistently work on your fitness.

Your training plan is not a plan written in stone and will be adjusted when needed. You don't train for the plan, you train for yourself. This is where having an open communication channel is super important. I am here for you! 


In addition, I believe that strength training is hugely important to an endurance athlete.  Each one of my athletes will receive strength training programs individualized for their sport, level, equipment, and goals. Strength training is one of the areas you can truly maximize your true potential. 

I understand that not everyone can afford one-on-one online coaching, therefore I have carefully designed several running, nordic skiing and strength programs that you can purchase through my website. 

You can also request an endurance, or strength training plan designed for you. Just shoot me an email or book a consultation.

My personal aspiration is to inspire mothers to take charge of their lives and GO FOR their dreams as their lives depended on them. I know my life depended on me to change it and I found extreme purpose in running. Now I hope to change lives by sharing my personal story through Tired Mom Runs. 

So if you are a mother, don't be a stranger! Whether you are just getting back to exercise again, or have been working out for a while and looking for the next level, I would love to help you out!

If you are looking to tap into your true potential, inquire now for an available coaching spot. 

Oh, and I only coach a handful of athletes at a time to ensure each one of you will get the attention you deserve! 

You can read more about my story and my coaching philosophy here

I always enjoy a good chat, so don't be a stranger. 


Education & Certifications

I feel like I was very lucky to have the opportunity to study under some of the world-renowned exercise physiologists and biomechanics in the both University of Alberta and the University of Calgary in addition to the high quality of teaching at my home university of Norwegian School of Sports Science. 

My thesis, "Kinetic characteristics in competitive slalom skiing" gained a podium presentation in the American Society of Biomechanics  Annual Conference in 2009

I am an eager learner and I love sharing my knowledge.

MSc Sport Science
MSc Sport Science

Norwegian School of Sports Sciences

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National Academy of Sports Medicine
National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer

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Triathlon Canada
Triathlon Canada

Community Trained Coach

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Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong

Certified Women's Coaching Specialist

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TrainingPeaks University
TrainingPeaks University

Level 1 Accredited Coach

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I always enjoy great conversations. Let's connect.