Training for Your True Potential, Training For Life

As a professional coach with MSc in Sports Science from world-leading university, Marjaana creates individualized endurance and fitness coaching programs for her everyday athletes, who have busy lives with work, family, and sports. Her greatest lessons have become from her own experiences from her life around the world, being an athlete and a mother without the “village” helping with her children. With Marjaana as your coach, you’ll get practical tips, and key strategies to help you get where you are now, to where you want to be.

If you a looking for coaching support to get you where you are now to where you want to be or want a create an everyday life where you are growing and blooming into the best version you can be, in sports and in life

As a professional Running and Nordic Skiing Coach, I have worked with athletes of all ages, from youngsters to life-time athletes in their 60s. Some of my athletes are recreational runners, time-starved executive mothers and fathers of multiple children, busy professionals with limited time, and skiers seeking to improve their ski marathon placements in their age groups.  I believe that the most important coaching tool I have is to listen and truly understand the individual athlete's life, challenges, and opportunities. 

Most of us compete not against world elites, but ourselves. We all have a story to tell. I truly believe that instead of our physical abilities, it is the mental stamina, and strength that limits what we can do. You can read about my personal journey from an athlete forced to give up on a life long dream, to a world traveler, tired mom of three, and finally, to strip the mental barriers I have harnessed for decades and becoming the person and athlete I was always meant to be. Read my personal blog TiredMomRuns.

My name, Marjaana (Mariana), in Finnish means energetic, courageous, and fiercely determined. I have just now, at the age of 42 beginning to understand my superpowers, closely related to being brave. My life story is colored with moments when I was brave enough to pursue a dream even when it scared me the most. This has nothing to do with jumping off an airplane (although it was done) but living my life to the fullest even when it would have been much easier and safer to stay where I was at the time.


In September 2018, I embarked on a journey to qualify for the Worl Championships in Ironman triathlon in Kona. Read my story to my first Ironman and how it changed me from an exhausted mom of three into a Warrior Ironman athlete.  

My coaching philosophy is not from a textbook. How could it be? I do not live a textbook life, and I doubt you do either. I believe 90% of the coaching relationship is based on mutual communication, and the rest is a mix of art & science. When I design your program, I do follow guiding exercise physiology principles, and I believe that the art of coaching lies in the individualization of applying those principles to the individual's level, life-situation, and experience. I had the pleasure of studying under leading exercise physiologists and biomechanics during my studies in the Norwegian School of Sport Science and the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta and was awarded MSc in Sports Sciences. I have also NASM Personal Trainer certification as well in Sports Nutrition.

Specifically, I believe that women and men should train in different ways due to the difference in sex hormones, and I am continuing to learn more about how this knowledge can be applied in my coaching. 

Your training plan is not a plan written in stone and will be adjusted when needed. This is where having an open communication channel is super important. I am here for you! 


In addition, I believe that strength training is hugely important to an endurance athlete.  Each one of my athletes will receive strength training programs individualized for their sport, level, equipment, and goals. Strength training is one of the areas you can truly maximize your true potential. 

I understand that not everyone can afford one-on-one online coaching, therefore I have carefully designed several running, nordic skiing and strength programs that you can purchase through my website. While we talk about strength, check out Be Sisu Strong for strength training programs for endurance athletes. 

My personal aspiration is to inspire mothers to take charge of their lives and GO FOR their dreams like their lives depended on it. I know my life depended on me to change it and I found extreme purpose in running. Now I hope to change lives by sharing my personal story.

If you are looking to tap into your true potential, inquire now for available coaching spot. 

Oh, and I only coach a handful of athletes at a time to ensure each one of you will get the attention you deserve! 

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