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The world of sports is full of fierce competition, and you are going to want the best coach in your corner.

Growing up I was very passionate about Skiing and Athletics. I wanted to see where my passion would take me, aiming at the Olympics. Due to lifestyle, injuries and family situation, I was forced to quit X-country skiing at 20, being at top Finnish level during Junior years. 

This lead to many side tracks in my career and education and ultimately my life. I was left feeling understandable sadness and felt like I was a victim of my own circumstances.


As an afterthought, it lead to my life today, and I would never change it! 


I am so grateful for this wildly exciting life I have lived the last 20 years since I left my home country of Finland. Life has taken me to 4 continents, blessed me with 3 healthy wonderfully wild children and a husband who is incredibly supportive of my newfound Sports Career! Thank you, Universe! 

Since Snow has been scarce in my surroundings in the last 10+ years, my passion for sports has granted me Triathlon. Between being a Coach, Mom & Wife, I am a Triathlete. Try fitting in 3 sports and Strength training in your schedule! It's an everyday challenge that just keeps on giving!


MSc Sports Science - exercise physiology & biomechanics

National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer


Finnish Athletics Level B Coach

Professional Sports Nutrition Diploma 


I am a believer in lifelong learning and am continuously looking for more information about exercise, especially when it applies to women's specific physiology and strength training for endurance athletes.


I coach runners and skiers young and old, beginners, to advanced! I truly enjoy working with someone who has previously run/skied but has hit the plateau. It is a gratitude kick in the old behind to see the light in someone's eyes when they have pushed the envelope and found their passion again, and are asking for More! 


My coaching philosophy is built on science-based exercise physiology delivered to athletes using new technologies. The cornerstones are exercise, recovery, nutrition and strength training applied in a manner that is optimized to female physiology, lifestyle, social and family obligations.

My job as a coach is not just to design you a plan but to educate you about all the components of exercising so that You can make smart training decisions in the future! I have only succeeded as a coach if you can optimize your performance so that you can keep running!


My love for running and skiing started in my childhood and has never faded, not even when I've been injured and forced to take long breaks. Yes, I have been injured and those times have taught me more about human physiology, anatomy and training planning than my ever MSc in Sports Sciences did. 


I believe endurance athletes should regularly, using progressive and specific strength training programs to do strength training to maximize their capabilities as research has shown benefits of strength training in endurance athletes in form of injury prevention, increased recovery and running economy.


Running, skiing, biking, swimming, and strength training makes me happy, it clears my mind and makes me feel good. My passion is helping others to enjoy exercising or skiing and staying injury free.


I have dived in headfirst into my big goal of racing in Kona, Ironman Championships. I am following the words: Run towards what scares you! Oh yeah, zooming out of my comfort zone! 


I have learned so much about my own limiting beliefs, such as "I am too big to run a marathon (true story from 2015 telling my hubby I would never run a marathon due to my size and history with injuries). Fast forward to 2019 and I have run 2 marathons in the last 6 months, and 1 more after swimming 3.8Km and biking 180Kms.  I am pushing my limits both mentally and physically every week and the transformation is mind-blowing! I now know my body is very Strong, but my mind Even Stronger! 


If I can do Ironman or Marathon-So Can You! 

If you would like to improve your game and take it to the next level, come and train with Be Sisu Fit.



Your Professional Running, Nordic Skiing and Strength Coach


Before I worked with Marjaana I was at a stand still with my training. I had gotten back in to running and even completed a half marathon;but just couldn't seem to be able to run the entire 21.1km; even on race day.


When I connected with Marjaana she inspired me to see that I could do more. She is positive and encouraging and works with you to bring you towards your goals. Next thing I knew I ran 21km without any walking and it seemed so easy. I took 9min off my half marathon time and I feel like this is just the beginning.


Marjaana has helped me get excited about my running potential and I can't wait to see the next training plan. Would I recommend her? Absolutely!

Lisa R, Alberta, Canada


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh